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1. When is the game being released?

March 2007.

2. What is new in Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific compared with Silent Hunter III?

Some of the biggest additions are as follows:

  • An all-new campaign consisting of the U.S. submarine war against Imperial Japan – comprising U.S. submarines, British and Japanese ships
  • New game mode in Multiplayer – Adversarial mode
  • Redesigned crew management with RPG-like evolution of the crewmembers
  • New interface
  • Improved animation system
  • Replay system
  • Special objectives for dynamic campaigns

3. How many pilot-able submarines are available in the game?

There will be six submarine classes available, each with various upgrades.

4. How many surface ships and aircraft are in the game?

  • Over 80 ships of various classes
  • Over 10 aircraft models

5. How many missions are in the game?

  • 10 instant-actions missions – Single-Player
  • 5 single-patrol missions – Single-Player
  • Dynamic Campaign (1941-1945) – Single-Player
  • 5 Adversarial game mode missions – Multiplayer
  • 5 Cooperative game mode missions – Multiplayer

6. How does the Crew Evolution system work?

Crew evolution works much like it did in the real Silent Service, with some adjustments made in order not to overwhelm the player. Each time the player starts a campaign, he gets a submarine with crew generated after Real Life examples. Each subsequent day spent at sea, but especially each ship sunk or objective accomplished, improves the crew, granting them experience. This experience dictates the way crewmen rise through the ranks, and higher ranks bring improvements, qualifications, even new special abilities.

From a gameplay point of view, it is very important for the player to see which crewmember is best for which job, since how efficient a crewmember is affects the rate at which he gains experience. So if you’re a promising sonar operator, you’ll progress quicker manning the sensors than reloading torpedoes.

7. Will modding be possible with Wolves of the Pacific? What kinds of mods are there?

All simulations should be modable, and ours certainly is. The game allows modding on multiple levels, including the following:

  • Historical data such as changing the aircraft assigned to airbases, the weapon loadouts of ships, and when weapons become available.
  • Single missions or patrols can be created and shared with other players or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Campaign data – adding shipping lanes or historical battles that players can witness, and special objectives that may be assigned to the player.
  • Unit textures can be added easily and set to change as the war progresses. One can also have a separate version of the ship, with different textures and weapons loadouts operating in the Atlantic, for example – or have the four stacker destroyers painted "British" when flying the White Ensign.
  • Changing the structure of the submarine, the way crewmembers act inside the submarine, is much easier now.

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